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Direct Strength Method (DSM) Workshop


September 30, 2009


Workshop Schedule/Materials

 1 hr      Overview of DSM (Lecture)

 1 hr      Hands on CUFSM Tutorials (1) (2) (3) (more)


 15 min  Hands on DIY DSM Calculations (problem) (spreadsheet)

 1 hr      Introduction to DSM Design Guide (Lecture)

            Distortional buckling and how DSM helps (Lecture) (CFSEI Tech Note)

 15 min       Hands on DSM Calc with rot. restraint (problem) (spreadsheet) (files)


 1 hr       Hands on Team Projects (problem) (base cufsm file - zipped)

 15 min   Product Development (new AISI provisions spec comm chF bits)

 30 min    Latest and greatest discussion (holes, inelastic: spec comm ltb,

                     otherBC, beam columns) + Wrap-up (Lecture)


Supplementary Materials


   CUFSM download the latest version + more tutorials + source code

   CUTWP reads CUFSM files and gives you classic global buckling solutions

   Finite strip method research page lots of neat work, soon any boundary condition will be handled

   The constrained finite strip method (cFSM) automatically classify and identify local, distortional, and global

Cold-formed steel

   Direct Strength Method summary page of all things Direct Strength

   Direct Strength Method for members with holes summary of research, ballot to be voted on summer 2009

   Sheathing Braced Design of Wall Studs summary or research, including lots on bracing CFS

   Inelastic bending of CFS members 2nd ballot summer 2009, take advantage of M > My, easily!

   Modeling cold-formed steel general guidance on modeling cold-formed steel for researchers

  Completed Projects

   Local buckling of C's and Z's in bending project showing test results of local buckling of beams

   Distortional buckling of C's and Z's in bending distortional buckling of beams

   Distortional buckling of columns distortional buckling of columns, lots of early DSM development

   Rotational restraint of sheathing test results providing bracing strength of different sheathing types




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