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Thin-walled Structures Group "in-house" tools


Our research group uses a number of "in-house" tools to try to speed and simplify our work, particularly the computational analysis. In the spirit of open source cooperation we share these tools with you here. These tools come with NO SUPPORT and are intended primarily for researchers. If you use any of the tools below in your work, please cite our research group and this web page at a minimum.



Our finite strip software, detailed here.



Our version of classical member elastic buckling calculations, detailed here.



Matlab code, with a GUI interface, that takes a CUFSM analysis file and provides a way to generate an ABAQUS model for elastic buckling analysis or nonlinear collapse analysis. Essentially this code generates the 3D mesh for a member based on the 2D CUFSM cross-section. The mesh can be generated with geometric imperfections built-in as a linear superposition of the FSM buckling modes - this is the real strength of this code. Linear and quadratic elements are supported. Many in the thin-walled structures research group start with this code and then customize it to their projects needs. Requires matlab..

For CUFSM version 3: abaqusmaker.

For CUFSM version 4: abaqusmakerv4.




ABAQUS maker was extended in this custom version to also generate ADINA input files, again using CUFSM files as the base. No GUI is provided only the basic function that creates the conversion. Requires matlab, here is the code.


ABAQUS Post-Processing tools

We have a series of routines that read results from the ABAQUS odb file and then pull them into matlab. So that nice line plots etc. can be completed in matlab. The files are run in matlab but include a python script that reads the odb file. Requires matlab and ABQUS installation, example for reading rotations and displacements here.


This page is under construction

Tools that we need to add at some point,

generating nice meshes with holes,

generating initial stresses,

inelastic reserve models,

full wall model maker...



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