Gallery for 19 March 2001 initial test

professor ben schafer's thin-walled structures research group - johns hopkins university


 The initial test was performed on 19 March 2001, this test was a "mock-up" only and was intended to work out our construction practices and loading scheme. Specimens which had been damaged in shipping were used - no specimen dimensions were recorded and the performance of the specimen is not necessarily expected to be indicative of the performance in later tests. - BWS 21March 2001



end on view of test.


skew view of overall test.


end detail, a roller is underneath the flat plate at the end.


load detail: the clamps attached to the spreader beam and "guiding" the rollers loading the beam are being modified.

note large initial dent in the compression flange

specimen is damaged and was only used for the purposes of this mock-up test

note faint blue line on the dented portion of the lip


failure of the purlin at dented location, note location of blue line on lip

note separation of panel from purlin on the right side of raised corrugation


failure of purlin specimen on the far side (occurring after first specimen failure)

two members acted as a unit - where buckling wave went down on one purlin  the corresponding wave went up on the other purlin.


top view of failed purlins with panel removed.