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City Hall

Engineer / Architect: George A. Frederick
Location: 100 Holliday Street
Baltimore, MD
Year Built: 1875
Structural Form: government building; cast-iron dome, interior cast iron framing, exterior brick load-bearing walls
Historical Details: Many locals contributed to the materials and construction of the building. Most notable is Wendell Bollman, well-known as an engineer for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, who designed the 130 ton dome's framework of cast iron panels and wrought iron framework. The cost of the building was $2.3 million, which was $200,000 less than originally estimated. The cost of the renovation in 1974 was $10.5 million and was solidly supported by the people of Baltimore in 1974.
Technical Details: N/A
Image Source(s): Main & 1:  Rachel Sangree
2 & 3:  Matt Sisinni
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