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Clifton Avenue Bridge

Engineer / Architect: URS Greiner (engineer)
Location: Clifton Avenue over Windsor Mill Road,
Baltimore, MD
Year Built: 2002
Structural Form: Open spandrel arch bridge; reinforced concrete
Historical Details: The original Clifton Avenue Bridge was also an open spandrel arch design, and was built in 1927 by the J.L. Robinson Construction Company
Technical Details: An open spandrel arch bridge is only possible with reinforced concrete. Note the lightness achieved with this type of structure when compared with an unreinforced masonry arch bridge such as Carrollton Viaduct. Mastan2: [Axial Force Diagram(s)]
Image Source(s): Rachel Sangree
References: Maryland State Highway Administration "Historic Highway Bridges in Maryland:1631-1960, Historic Context Report", Retrieved March 15, 2005 from: Link

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