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Enoch Pratt Free Library

Engineer / Architect: Clyde N. Friz; Tilton and Githens
Location: 400 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD
Year Built: 1933
Structural Form: low-rise building; steel with masonry facade; large steel truss-supported glass skylights
Historical Details: This is the second Enoch Pratt Library to stand on this site. The first was built in 1883 with money donated by Enoch Pratt, who proclaimed that it would be "for all, rich and poor, without distinction of race or color, who, when properly accredited, can take out the books, if they will handle them carefully and return them." The original building, as well as the five original branch buildings, were fireproofed
Technical Details: N/A
Image Source(s): Rachel Sangree
References: J. Dorsey and J.D. Dilts, A Guide to Baltimore Architecture (Third Edition), Tidewater Publishers, Centreville, MD (1997), p. 154;
M.E Hayward and F.R. Shivers, Jr., the Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated History, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore (2004), pp. 204, 243.

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