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Howard Street Bridge

Engineer / Architect: J. E. Greiner Company
Location: Howard Street over the Jones Falls Expressway (I-83), CSX and Northern Central rail lines;
Baltimore, MD
Year Built: 1938
Structural Form: Three-hinged steel tied-arch bridge
Historical Details: N/A
Technical Details: An arch bridge carries its load as a compressive force along the arch. At the ends of the arch, this force must be transferred outward to foundation supports or inward with the use of a tension "tie" that runs from one end of the arch to the other. Howard Street bridge utilizes a tie, while the masonry arch bridges around Baltimore all transfer compressive forces directly to their foundations. Mastan2: [Axial Force Diagram(s)]
Image Source(s): Rachel Sangree
References: Maryland State Highway Administration, Howard Street Bridge, 1938, Baltimore City. Retrieved April 11, 2005 from: Link

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