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Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust Company Building

Engineer / Architect: Wyatt and Sperry
Location: Calvert and Redwood Streets
Baltimore, MD
Year Built: 1886
Structural Form: low-rise (brownstone) building, masonry load bearing walls, wrought iron
Historical Details: The building survived the 1904 Baltimore fire, but sustained some damage when bricks from the Continental Trust Building fell through the skylight and set fire to the interior.
Technical Details: The brick/brownstone walls are load bearing. There is some structural iron in the roof and basement.
Image Source(s): Rachel Sangree
References: J. Dorsey and J.D. Dilts, A Guide to Baltimore Architecture (Third Edition), Tidewater Publishers, Centreville, MD (1997), p. 154;
M.E Hayward and F.R. Shivers, Jr., the Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated History, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore (2004), p. 212.

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