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AISI-COFS JHU Field Trip - October 6, 2008


Note: This page provides logistical information and supporting material for an AISI-COFS field trip to JHU to discuss related research projects. The field trip is scheduled for 6 October 2008.


JHU Lab Visit – in Conjunction with AISI-COFS meetings

6 October 2008

106 Latrobe Hall / 16 Latrobe Hall



~1:00 – Leave hotel(s) for JHU See this link for directions and maps. Note for google maps or other tools use the following address: 3101 Wyman Park Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21211. Park in the South Garage (below grade)

(Call Ben Schafer on cell 202-321-7730 if difficulties arise)

1:30 – Introduction and overview to JHU project (106 Latrobe Hall)
SHEATHING BRACED DESIGN OF WALL STUDS “The objective of this research is to develop a reliable design methodology for light-frame wall systems that properly accounts for the behavior of wall studs sheathed by similar, dissimilar, and one-sided sheathing.”

2:00 – Lab demonstrations including ancillary testing (16 Latrobe Hall)
+ Discussion and demonstration of the new multiple degree of freedom testing rig
(Note, this demo will be simplified due to Saturday’s damage)
(Note, smart (not smart a**) ideas for repairs are encouraged!)
+ Discussion of construction and testing details for full-scale wall tests
(Note a full scale wall test was planned, but cannot be conducted due to Saturday’s damage)
+ Discussion and demonstration of ‘Winter’-style fastener stiffness tests
+ Discussion of supplementary column tests with end details

3:00 – Fastener stiffness and ancillary tests discussion (106 Latrobe Hall)

4:00 – Ancillary column test (16 Latrobe Hall)
+ Demonstration of column test with one-sided end detail
+ Demonstration of column test without one-sided end detail (as time allows)

4:30 – Wrap-up (106 Latrobe Hall)
+ Discussion of ‘next steps’ in the project
+ Feedback from participants

Presentation slides

Annotated slides from presentation (pdf)


Supporting Materials

Sheathing braced design of wall studs (AISI-COFS Project)

2002 Specialty Conference Paper on Sheathed Wall Studs (pdf)

AISI-COFS Request for Proposals (pdf)

Proposal (pdf)

Proposal addendum (pdf)

Structural drawings of MDOF testing frame (pdf)

3D model of structural testing frame (pdf)

Notes on related AISI design methods (pdf)

Supplement on reliability when fastener is assumed missing (2a rule) (pdf)

Supplement on fastener stiffness (pdf)

Supplement on initial FE modeling of elastic buckling of walls (pdf)



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