Reza Lotfi

About Reza

Research Interest

I received my BS from University of Tehran and my master from Sharif University of technology.

I worked for two years in a consultant company in Tehran.  Now I and pursuing my study as a PhD student at the Johns Hopkins University. 

My favorite sports: Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer

Optimization of structures under nonlinear mechanical behavior of materials, homogenization on heat conduction and stiffness.

I also work on the statistical analysis of weather parameters under ENSO conditions.


Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering University Tehran

Master of Structural Engineering Sharif University of Technology

Journal Papers

”Nonlinear Topology Optimization” under preparation


“Improving Numerical Efficiency and Stability In Topology Optimization Governed By Nonlinear Mechanics” US National Congress on Computational Mechanics  2011

“Topology Optimization Under Nonlinear Mechanics” Mechanics and Materials Graduate Seminar 2012

“Improving Numerical Efficiency And Stability In Topology Optimization” sixth M.I.T conference on computational fluid and solid mechanics

“Improving Numerical Efficiency and Stability In Topology Optimization Governed By Nonlinear Mechanics” Young Professional, Student and Education Conference 2010

Teaching/Work Experience

Teaching assistant for :

“Seismic design of structures” for graduate students 2006-08

“Advanced Structural Analysis “  for undergraduate students 2009-10

“Structural Optimization” for undergraduate and graduates 2011-12

Professional Engineering Jobs:

“Perlite”  Mechanichal and Soil Engineer  http://www.perlite-co.com

“Behsaz Asa” Structural and earthquake engineer.

Reza Lotfi

Graduate Research Assistant

Hickman Fellowship

Civil Engineering

reza (at) jhu . edu

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Conference Proceedings

Lotfi, R., Ha, S.-H., Carstensen, J. V., & Guest, J. K. (2013). “Topology Optimization for Cellular Material Design.” 2013 MRS Fall, Boston, MA, December 1-6, 2013.

Guest, J.K ,Lotfi, R., Gaynor, A., Jalalpour, M. "Structural Topology Optimization: Moving Beyond Linear Elastic Design Objectives", 2012 Analysis & Computation Specialty Conference, ASCE Structures Congress, 2012.

Mahoutian, M., Yadegaran, I., Lotfi, R., Shekarchi, M. “Nonlinear analysis of a fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete structure.” SEMC, 2007