Example Assignments

hw1 (writing 1)

hw2 (analysis 1 and eiffel ss)

hw3 (analysis 2 and gwb ss)

hw4 (writing 2 draft) and peer editing

hw5 (analysis 3 mastan) plus file hw5bridges mat or zip*

and doc on material and beam properties (pdf)
hw6 (writing 2 final)

hw7 (jhu sanmartin)

hw8 (click on hw8! for instructions) Baker, Nair

Example Final Project

hw8b (project team and topic)

hw9 (annotated bib and outline)

hw10 and 11 (presentations and paper)


*MASTAN2 runs .mat files, but some programs block downloading .mat - so download .zip doubleclick to unzip and load resulting .mat into MASTAN2 as needed