Lectures change from year to year, but the following is an example list.

The Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower and the St. Louis Gateway Arch
Telford, Brunel and British Metal Forms
Eads, Eiffel and the Forth Bridge
John Roebling and the Design of Suspension Bridges
Amman and Long Span Bridges in 20th Century NY
Covered Bridges
MASTAN Modeling workshop / Peer editing
Chicago, Root and the Birth of the Skyscraper
New York and the Skyscraper
Khan and the Chicago Skyscraper
Robert Maillart and the origins of Reinforced Concrete
Exam 1 Review Video
Freyssinet, Finsterwalder and the Origins of Prestressed Concrete
Cable-Stayed Bridges
Roof Vaults and National Styles
The Swiss Tradition of Bridge Design
New Bridge Forms: Maillart & Menn
New Building Forms: Dieste & Isler
Arch. and Eng.: Schlaich, Calatrava, Gehry, and Virlogeux
Green Buildings from Fathy to Yeang
High, wide and far, structural engineering today