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3D Metallic Glass Structures: Fabrication and Mechanical Properties

Liu Z., Chen W., Carstensen J.V., Ketkaew J., Mota R.M.O., Guest J.K., and Schroers J. (2016). General 3D metallic glass structures. Acta Materialia 105:35-43.



3D Metallic glass structures (3DMGs) are fabricated through thermoplastic forming (TPF)-based patterning of MG sheets combined with a parallel joining technique. To demonstrate this capability and benchmark 3DMGs, we have fabricated honeycomb-like MG architectures covering a wide range of relative densities. 3DMGs exhibit high elasticity of up to 40% loading strain, high elastic energy storability, and high energy absorption which is superior compared to those made from other materials such as conventional metals and ceramics, based on our theoretical analysis. The combination of MG properties and introduced versatile fabrication method suggest the possibility of developing a wide range of 3DMGs with excellent performance for specific applications.

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