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Calvin Coolidge Bridge

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Engineer / Architect: Engineers: W & L Engineering Co.
Architects: Desmond and Lord
Location: Located on Route 9, above the Connecticut River, between Hadley, MA. and Northampton, MA.
Western Massachusetts
Year Built: Built: 1937
Reconstruction Improvements: 2001-2003
Structural Form: Warren Deck Truss Bridge
Historical Details: The Calvin Coolidge Bridge was designed as a memorial to President Calvin Coolidge whom was also a former mayor of Northampton. It replaced the previous structure that was destroyed during the 1936 flood, and was funded by the Hayden Cartwright Act during the Great Depression.
Technical Details: The Calvin Coolidge Bridge is a uniform truss bridge with different lengths. The deflection and axial force diagrams, found below, are of similar shapes with varying lengths. The last image lays out the load path in which the forces flow through the members to reach the ground which for a bridge is either the columns or the end supports. The deck members are dominated by compression forces while the bottom deck members are in tension. The interior members of the truss alternate between compression and tension to maintain a stable structure.
Image Source(s): Allen Sit
References: Calvin Coolidge Bridge Project
Calvin Coolidge Bridge - Wikipedia

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