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Memorial Bridge

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Engineer / Architect: Engineers: Fay Spofford & Thorndike
Architects: Haven & Hoyt
Location: Route 147 (Memorial Avenue) - Springfield/West Springfield
Western Massachusetts
Year Built: Built: 1922
Rebuilt: 1996
Structural Form: Melan-type reinforced concrete bridge with open-spandrel rib arches
Historical Details: Dedicated as a memorial to "those who had died as pioneers, and soldiers in the Revolutionary, Civil and Foreign Wars"
Technical Details: The axial force diagram (second to last image) is a 2D model of the concrete arches. The concrete arches are a perfect solution to the high compressive forces found in primarily the arches. The columns are also in compression as forces are being transferred from the road to the supports.
Image Source(s): Allen Sit
References: MassDOT - Memorial Bridge

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