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Norwottuck Rail Trail Bike Path Bridge

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Engineer / Architect: Built by: R.F. Hawkins Ironworks Company
Redesigned by: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Location: Over the Connecticut River, parallel to the Calvin Coolidge Bridge between Northampton and Hadley, MA
Western Massachusetts
Year Built: Built: 1887
Rebuilt: 1992
Structural Form: Lattice Truss Bridge
Historical Details: This is a former crossing of the Boston and Maine railroad, but is now used for bicycle and foot traffic. To survive the 1936 flood, railroad cars loaded with scrap metal were placed on the bridge to weigh it down.
Technical Details: The last two images represent a symmetrical distribution of forces between the tension and compression diagonals. The top chords are in compression while the deck is in tension.
Image Source(s): Allen Sit
References: WikiPedia - Norwottuck Rail Trail Bridge

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