Undergraduate Students Compete in ASCE Mid-Atlantic Student Conference

On the weekend of April 7th, undergraduate students of all classes headed up to the University of Delaware to compete in the ASCE Mid-Atlantic Steel Bridge Competition. This competition allowed students to design, manufacture, and build a bridge for a specified landscape. Students participated in an aesthetics competition and in a load test. The team was led by Michael Kearns ’19 and included Emily Kim ’18, Ryan Cary ’18, Nick Marinelli ’18, Rachel Neiman ’19, Awoe Mauna-Woanya ’20, Cassidy Manning ’21, and Simi Aluko ’21. The team received numerous compliments on the bridge’s design and how strong the bridge was: it only deflected about .75″ under 2500 lbs of load! Emily Kim ’18 wrote and presented an ethics paper on the role of social media in the engineering profession. Most importantly, everyone had fun which inspired our freshmen and sophomores to give it another try next year!

Some upperclassmen following the load test.

From Left to Right: Ryan Cary ’18, Nick Marinelli ’18, and Michael Kearns ’19.

The team in action during the timed build.

The whole team:

From Left to right: Ryan Cary ’18, Nick Marinelli ’18, Simi Aluko ’21,  Michael Kearns ’19, Rachel Neiman ’19, Emily Kim ’18, Awoenam Mauna-Woanya ’20, and Cassidy Manning ’21.


Interested in participating in this event? Talk to upperclassmen and come to the next ASCE meeting!