The TW group led and participated in the 26/27 May 2020 CFSRC Summer Symposium. Full details on the symposium are provided on the CFSRC site. The event was hosted by Professor Schafer and amongst the 34 participants included several talks from current and future TW group students, including:

First_NameLast_Name Title of Talk
Astrid WFischerForce and Ductility Demands Found in Parametric Study of Inelastic Time History Analysis of Single-Story Mass-Spring Model
Hamid ForoughiSeismic Response of Steel Diaphragm for 3D Archetype Buildings with SCBF:Bare Deck vs. Composite Deck 
ZhidongZhangCyclic Performance of Steel Sheet Connections for CFS Steel Sheet Shear Walls
ChuDingDuctility Demand of CFS Building for Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)
MohammedEladlyā€¸Simplified FE modeling of stainless steel beam-to-column bolted connections

Some snippets from the well received talks:

Astrid’s research on mass-spring models shows how well current design methods really do at predicting diaphragm demands
Hamid’s work shows how different diaphragm design methods play out in real buildings under earthquakes
Zhidong’s research looks into the details of steel sheet connectors under cyclic loads
Chu’s research explores the impact of material ductility on real world CFS connection response
Mohammed’s work shows how solid and shell elements behave in large deformation stainless steel connections