Steel Building Structures Research – 2022 Recap

The TW Group was busy as always working on advancing steel, particularly cold-formed steel, building structures research. Here is a short synopsis of all the work on building structures conducted by the team, just in 2022(!):

Shahab Torabian, Research Scientist – collaborated on nearly every project in the TW Group in 2022 in some form. Highlights including advancing our work on seismic performance of metal building structures, and helping to develop and test the new FastFloor residential system.

Sandor Ádány, Visiting Faculty Scholar partnered with Sheng Jin, Visiting Faculty Scholar as the TWGroup expanded its work on computational tools for stability analysis of members. CUFSM will be undergoing some real changes in 2023 along with new tools. Professor Adany is also collaborating with the team on cold-formed steel system reliability – a multi-year effort to move our engineering design paradigm from members to systems.  

Chu Ding, completed his PhD in 2022 and with it advanced greatly our understanding of the application of advanced high strength sheet steels to building construction. Dr. Ding is continuing collaborations with the team on local buckling and other areas and will have a plethora of papers coming out in early 2023.

Damir Akchurin officially joined the team as a PhD Candidate after spending the last year working with Chu Ding and the team on the advanced high strength steels work. Damir will be working on the Reliability 2030 effort to advanced system reliability for cold-formed steel structures.

Mohammed Eladly continued his support of the CFS-NHERI effort as a PhD candidate, and completed a major re-assessment of the method utilized for calculating deflections in seismic cold-formed steel design.

Rajshri Chidambaram Muthu Kumar, continued her support of the SDII/FastFloor Commercial effort as a PhD Candidate. She completed the development of a new tool for floor vibration assessment using the finite strip method and analyzed a large pool of potential next generation steel floor systems.

Zhidong Zhang is nearing completion of his PhD with his work on computational modeling of the nonlinear seismic response of cold-formed steel framed building systems (e.g. see his recent CFSRC Colloquium paper). Having already performed detailed fastener testing he has recently closed the loop on a large variety of wall models that provide more system-level assessment tools.

Cas Caswell is nearing completion of his MS and performed first of its kind testing on the FastFloor residential system.  

All of this added up to a huge amount of new research – here are the new journal papers from the TW Group, just in 2022:

(12) Fischer, A. W., Guest, J.K., Schafer, B.W. (2022). “Topology Optimization of Steel Deck Building Diaphragms.” Journal of Constructional Steel Research 191. doi:10.1016/j.jcsr.2022.107186

(11) Glauz, R. S., Schafer, B.W. (2022). “Modifications to the Direct Strength Method of Cold-Formed Steel Design for Members Unsymmetric about the Axis of Bending.” Thin-Walled Structures 173. doi:10.1016/j.tws.2022.109025

(10) He, Z., Cao, H., Zhou, X., Li, Q., Schafer, B.W. (2022). “Performance of Cold-Formed C-Sections Reinforced by Sleeves Under Concentric and Eccentric Compression.” Journal of Constructional Steel Research 198. doi:10.1016/j.jcsr.2022.107554

(9) Hofmeyer, H., Geers, S.W.A., Snijder, H.H., Schafer, B.W. (2022). “The Direct Strength Method for First Generation Trapezoidal Steel Sheeting Under Interior One Flange and Interior Two Flange Web Crippling.” Thin-Walled Structures180. doi:10.1016/j.tws.2022.109795

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