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CUFSM 5 - Finite Strip Elastic Buckling Analysis Application


The elastic buckling analysis of thin-walled cross-sections has long benefitted from the use of finite strip analysis which has the unique ability to provide complete and relevant stability solutions in a compact and powerful form.

CUFSM provides a full suite of finite strip analysis and related tools for thin-walled sections including: signature curve analysis, general end boundary conditions, generalized loading, built-in cross-sections, and constrained finite strip solutions for modal decomposition and identification. Additional tools are also provide for plastic section analysis, section property analysis, ancillary analyses to approximate members with holes, tools for interacting with the beam finite element software MASTAN, and even classical beam-theory global only buckling analysis with an integrated version of CUTWP. CUFSM has a wealth of tools for learning about thin-walled member stability and we invite you to download and play with the software.

CUFSM 5.01 - 26 February 2018
CUFSM 5.01 for Matlab 2016b Unzip and run cufsm5.m in matlab
CUFSM 5.01 for Windows 10 double-click and install
CUFSM 5.01 for Mac OS X Sierra double-click and install

CUFSM 5.01 - javascript related bug fixes on CUFSM 5.0 that caused crashes on some PCs

Currently training slides and videos do not exist. Creation of tutorials and videos are under construction. Tutorials from the previous versions remain helpful as the overall steps have remained the same. Please see the archives for the older tutorials. Also, specifically for cold-formed steel, the Direct Strength Method Design Guide provide complete examples and useful information for those interested.

Generally matlab source code and compiled executables for Windows and Mac are available for past releases of CUFSM. Links to earlier releases are available here.
CUFSM4 (including tutorials)
CUFSM3 and older

CUFSM 5.00 is open source software. Licensed under AFL3.0.

last edited on 02/05/18