Civil Engineering Analysis

560.220 Fall, 2009

Dr. Robert A. Dalrymple
211 Latrobe,  410.516.7923
[email protected]

Teaching Assistant
Rozita Jalali-Farahani
302 Latrobe Hall
[email protected]

TTh  1:30-2:45 pm, Latrobe 107


Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
A. Gilat and V. Subramaniam
Wiley, 2008

  Hour Exams (3 @ 20 %)
  Final Examination

Homework solutions will be posted one week later.


Homework:  Homework is assigned on Thursday and due at the beginning of class the following Thursday. Late homework will be marked down 10% a day for a week (after that, since the solutions will be posted, they will have no value).  The homework is a tool for learning; while you may work together in solving them, copying is not condoned.  See HW Write-ups below for presentation style.

Examinations:  It is expected that the Johns Hopkins ethical standards apply:
There will be three hour exams:   Tuesday, Sept 30, Thursday, October 30, and Thursday, November 20.   The final exam time will be announced.  Each exam will be comprehensive, covering material from previous exams as well as new material. 

HW Write-ups: Clarity of presentation is very important in engineering calculations, as others must be able to follow and verify your work in order to avoid costly mistakes.  In the event of a failure, engineering calculations are carefully scrutinized and can be admitted as evidence in court.  For these reasons, and others, it is important to develop good techniques of organization and presentation in solving problems.  Please observe the following guidelines in presenting your work; failure to do so will result in deduction of points.

Web Resources:  There are a variety of web sites that offer online instruction or instructional applets.