Robert A. Dalrymple
Robert A. Dalrymple

    Willard & Lillian Hackerman Professor of Civil Engineering
    Department of Civil Engineering
    Johns Hopkins University
    3400 No. Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    [email protected]
    Tel: 410-516-7923
    Fax: 410-516-7473

Research Interests

Water waves, nearshore hydrodynamics, coastal processes.
Coastal Engineering Laboratory, Stieff Building.
Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics


Coastal Engineering
Introduction to Water Waves
Coastal Modeling


Online Resume
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In the News

CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer on January 6, 2005 about the breaking tsunami at Khao Lak, Thailand

David Kestenbaum interview on January 6, 2005, on National Public Radio about rebuilding after the Dec 26, 2004 tsunami. Click to listen.

Discovery Canada Daily Planet, 3/18/05, on rebuilding in Thailand based on ASCE TCLEE/COPRI trip there..

Engineering Times, 3/30/05

See Jaws, Maui report on, Oct 30, 1998.

Dean and Dalrymple II

These pages provide information, updates, and errata.


Stream Function Wave Theory
N-Layer Stream Function Wave Theory
REFRACT (tar file includes all)

Odds and Ends

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Pictures: A picture of Dalrymple in Thailand, pointing to a tsunami water line. Here's a picture at UD, showing me putting dye into a rip current generated in the Ocean Engineering Laboratory's Directional Wave Basin. This study of rip current generation in the vicinity of sand bars was funded by ONR. Finally, here's a picture from Waves 2001 with Robert G. Dean, Leslie Ewing and Becky Edge (K. Barnes photo).

Artists for whom I have consulted:

National Geographic Magazine (November, 1998) highlighted Jaws, Maui, a surfing area in Hawaii that experiences huge waves at times. See what the wave model REF/DIF does for the this site by going to

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