Andrew Gaynor

Materials Research Engineer, Army Research Laboratory, Maryland


I hail from Arlington Heights, Illinois. Upon graduation from the University of Minnesota, I decided to venture to the east coast where I pursued a PhD in Civil Engineering at Hopkins. In my spare time I enjoy running, playing soccer and playing my euphonium and guitar.

Favorite sports teams: Cubs, Twins, Bears, Fire, Blackhawks, Golden Gopher

Research Interests

Multi-element type optimization
Strut & Tie Systems
Woven Materials
Discrete truss optimization


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2015)
M.S., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2015)
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Journal Publications

A.T. Gaynor, J.K. Guest,  Topology optimization considering overhang constraints: Eliminating sacrificial support material in additive manufacturing through design, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 54 (5) (2016) 1157-1172.
A.T. Gaynor, N.A. Meisel, C.B. Williams, J.K. Guest,  Multiple-material topology optimization of compliant mechanisms created via PolyJet three-dimensional printing, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 136 (6) (2014) 061015.
A.T. Gaynor, J.K. Guest, C.D. Moen,  Reinforced concrete force visualization and design using bilinear truss-continuum topology optimization, Journal of Structural Engineering 139 (4) (2013) 607-618.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations