Justin Unger

PhD Student



Research Interests



MSE, Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University (2020)
MS, Civil Engineering, Drexel University (2008)
BS, Architectural Engineering, Drexel University (2008)

Journal Publications

H. Xun, C. Shallal, J. Unger, R. Tao, A. Torres, M. Vladimirov, J. Frye, M. Singhala, B. Horne, B.S. Kim, B. Burke, M. Montana, M. Talcott, B.S. Winters, P. Frisella, B. Kushner, J.M. Sacks, J.K. Guest, S.H. Kang, J. Caffrey,  Translational Design for Limited Resource Settings as Demonstrated by Vent-Lock, A 3D-Printed Ventilator Multiplexer, 3D Printing in Medicine 8 (29) (2022) 1-17.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations