Mazdak Tootkaboni

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of UMass Dartmouth


Mazdak P. Tootkaboni earned his high school diploma in mathematics and physics in June 1995. He then attended University of Tehran in Iran where he was awarded BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Earthquake engineering in April 2000 and December 2002 respectively. He joined the Department of Civil Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University in 2004 and earned his PhD degree in Structural Mechanics in May 2009.

Dr Tootkaboni’s research lies at the intersection of computational mechanics and applied probability and statistics. He develops schemes that combine recent advances in stochastic modeling (e.g. stochastic PDE solving techniques) and applied statistics (e.g. machine learning and statistical inference) with the existing methods in computational mechanics. These schemes have a wide range of applications, from uncertainty modeling (representation and propagation) to model validation and from reliability analysis to integration of experiments and computational models, and fault tolerant (uncertainty informed) design topology optimization. He is an associate member of ASCE and a member of Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) and its Probabilistic Mechanics Committee.

Research Interests

Stochastic computational mechanics and uncertainty quantification
Construction of consistent data-driven stochastic models
Stochastic multi-scale modeling of heterogeneous materials
Design topology optimization under uncertainty
Stochastic non-linear analysis of thin-walled structures


Postdoctoral Fellow, Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2011)
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2009)
M.S., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2009)
M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Tehran University (2002)
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Tehran University (2000)

Journal Publications

M. Tootkaboni, A. Asadpoure, J.K. Guest,  Topology optimization of continuum structures under uncertainty–a polynomial chaos approach, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 201  (2012) 263-275.
A. Asadpoure, M. Tootkaboni, J.K. Guest,  Robust topology optimization of structures with uncertainties in stiffness–Application to truss structures, {Computers & Structures 89 (11-12) (2011) 1131-1141.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations