Mikhail (Misha) Osanov

Boston Consulting Group, Washington DC


My name is Mikhail (Misha) and I was born and grew up in Russia. After graduating from high-school in my hometown of Cheboksary, I attended an international IB school in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 2008 and 2010, which allowed me to come to the States for my Bachelor’s. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University in 2014.

I am now pursuing Ph.D. degree at Johns Hopkins University in Civil Engineering with the focus on manufacturing constraints in topology optimization for additive manufacturing. I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family and playing musical instruments. 

Research Interests

Large-scale Topology Optimization
High-Performance Computing
C/C++ Programming
Additive Manufacturing
Computer-aided Design


PhD Johns Hopkins University (2019)
MS Johns Hopkins University (2018)
BS Bucknell University (2014)

Journal Publications

S. Youssefian, J.A. Bressner, M. Osanov, J.K. Guest, W.B. Zbijewski, A.S. Levin,  Sensitivity of the Stress Field of the Proximal Femur Predicted by CT-based FE Analysis to Modeling Uncertainties, Journal of Orthopaedic Research 40 (5) (2022) 1163-1173.
M. Osanov, J.K. Guest,  Topology optimization for architected materials design, Annual Review of Materials Research 46  (2016) 211-233.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations