Reza Lotfi

Senior Structural Engineer, AECOM, Maryland


Dr. Lotfi is the tunnel and structural engineer at AECOM focused on underground structure. He is responsible in analysis, design and detailing preparation for different stages of the projects. Dr. Lotfi was the project engineer at STE responsible for the geotechnical and structural analysis of buildings, bridges and special structures. He has experience of structural and soil interaction analysis for SOE, retaining walls, foundations and piles. Dr. Lotfi also has experiences in structural and seismic design of buildings, onshore and offshore structures in SCIA and Bentley system. He was responsible in implementation of latest technology and analysis methods in the software and led the development team.

Research Interests

Numerical analysis models for structural and soil interaction
Structural assessment in adjacent to underground excavations in Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor
Concrete and fiber reinforcement concrete design
Foundation and pile design for offshore structures in Gulf of Mexico


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2013)
M.S., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2012)
M.S., Structural Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (2007)
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Tehran (2005)

Journal Publications

J.V. Carstensen, R. Lotfi, W. Chen, S. Szyniszewski, S. Gaitanaros, J. Schroers, and J.K. Guest,  Topology-optimized bulk metallic glass cellular materials for energy absorption, Scripta Materialia 208  (2022) 114361.
R. Behrou, R. Lotfi, J.V. Carstensen, F. Ferrari, J.K. Guest,  Revisiting element removal for density-based structural topology optimization with reintroduction by Heaviside Projection, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 380  (2021) 113799.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations