Sen Lin

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Apple


Currently a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Apple

Research Interests

Topology optimization of fluids
Systems engineering


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (2017)
B.S., Southwest Jiaotong University (2010)

Journal Publications

L. Zhao, S.M. Ryan, S. Lin, J. Xue, S.H. Ha, T. Igusa, K.W. Sharp, J.K. Guest, K.J. Hemker, T.P. Weihs,  Combining a distributed flow manifold and 3D woven metallic lattices to enhance fluidic and thermal properties for heat transfer applications, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 108  (2017) 2169-2180.
S. Lin, L. Zhao, J.K. Guest, T.P. Weihs, Z. Liu,  Topology optimization of fixed-geometry fluid diodes, Journal of Mechanical Design 137 (8) (2015) 081402.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations