Yang Yang

Product Design, Apple


Yang was born in China. He earned a Bachelor’s degree (2008) in civil engineering at Tongji University and Master’s degree (2011) in civil engineering at Syracuse University. He pursued his doctorate in the Department of Civil Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Research Interests

Topology Optimization
Structural Optimization
Structural Dynamics
Structural Reliability
Structural Uncertainty
Steel and Reinforced Concrete Design
Numerical Analysis Methods.


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (2015)
M.S., Johns Hopkins University (2015)
M.S., Syracuse University, Syracuse (2011)
B.S., Tongji University, Shanghai, China (2008)

Journal Publications

Y. Lu, Y. Yang, J.K. Guest, A. Srivastava,  3-D phononic crystals with ultra-wide band gaps, Scientific Reports 7  (2017) 43407.
M. Zhu, Y. Yang, J.K. Guest, M.D. Shields,  Topology optimization for linear stationary stochastic dynamics: Applications to frame structures, Structural Safety 67  (2017) 116-131.
Y. Yang, M. Zhu, M.D. Shields, J.K. Guest,  Topology optimization of continuum structures subjected to filtered white noise stochastic excitations, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 324  (2017) 438-456.
Y. Yang, C.D. Moen, J.K. Guest,  Three-dimensional force flow paths and reinforcement design in concrete via stress-dependent truss-continuum topology optimization, Journal of Engineering Mechanics 141 (1) (2015) 04014106.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations