Yash Agrawal

PhD Student


A mechanical engineer, generally interested in stuff involving mechanics, geometry, computation and numerical methods. I really like the creative process of parameterizing designs in the terms of design variables. I am always open to challenges that have not been completely worked out.

I also like music and food. I can play most of the string instruments and flutes, with the guitar being my instrument of choice.

Additional works:

Y. Agrawal, G.K. Ananthasuresh,  Towards optimal heterogeneity in lattice structures, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization ~ ~ (2021) ~.

Research Interests

Structural Optimization
Mechanics of Materials
Multiscale Structures
Compliant Mechanisms


B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (2017)

Journal Publications

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Conference Proceedings and Presentations