Dr. Benjamin W. Schafer (PI)


Dept. of Civil Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Phone: (410) 516-6265

Email: [email protected]

Industrial Advisory Board

The industrial advisory board for CFS-NEES consisted of the following individuals. The affiliations listed are circa 2013 when the major CFS-NEES testing was conducted.

Renato Camporese, P.E., S.E. LEED AP
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Thomas A. Castle, S.E.
FICCADENTI WAGGONER & CASTLE Consulting Structural Engineers

Kelly Cobeen, S.E.
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

L. Randy Daudet, P.E.
Simpson Strong-Tie

Richard B. Haws, P.E.
NUCOR Building Systems

Jay Parr, P.E.
ClarkDietrich Engineering Services

Steven B Tipping, P.E.
Tipping Mar & Associates

Additional Industrial Liaison Members

The following individuals also serve as liaisons to industry in the CFS-NEES project

Bonnie Manley
Steel Market Development Institute/American Iron and Steel Institute

George Frater
CSCC (Canada)

Don Allen, P.E.
DSi Engineering

Tom Lawson, P.E.

Fernando Sessma
CEMCO / Steel Stud Manufacturers Association