Coastal Engineering Laboratory

Department of Civil Engineering, JHU

Assateague Island, Maryland

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Check out the construction of the wave tank here..

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)
Sediment Transport
Water Wave Mechanics
Free-Surface Hydrodynamics

Snapshot of an SPH model of a landslide generated wave.


Current Research Group:

Robert A. Dalrymple, Ph.D.

Varjola Nelko

Rozita Jalali Farahani

Khatoon Melick

Younes Nouri

Nourah Almashan

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    Back Row: Younes Nouri, Eric Maxeiner, Tony Dalrymple, Varjola Nelko
Front Row: Zhihong Xu, Khatoon Melick, Rozita Jalali Farahani, Xiabo Xi

Laboratory Address:
Coastal Engineering Wave Tank Facility
Stieff Building, G100
810 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211

Mailing Address:
Coastal Group
Department of Civil Engineering

Latrobe Hall 210
The Johns Hopkins Univeristy
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Previous Research Groups:

From left to right: S. Zou, M. Narayanaswamy, R. Dalrymple, A. Panizzo, A. Peltz, and B. Rogers

Department of Civil Engineering
The Johns Hopkins University

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